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We seek to demystify deep technologies to executives and businesses in Africa so that they can tackle Africa's persistent problems using emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, web3, IoT, etc. We also provide design masterclasses for a large audience.

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Here are some of our upcoming session topics and workshops

Demystifying Deep Technologies

Learn the technologies behind this decade's 50 Trillion Dollar Opportunity: Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality, IoT, Self Driving Cars

How to master UX/UI Design ?

UX/UI is an exciting field to explore, even if the idea of starting a career in the field can be a bit daunting, especially if you don’t have any design experience.

How to have a good start with 3D design ?

What is 3D Design ? What are the modeling techniques ? The tools ? The workflow ? Some tips for overcoming the most difficult learning points ?

How to break into Blockchain and web3 as a developer ?

Give a blueprint for anyone looking to get into blockchain, crypto, Ethereum, and Web3 from a traditional development background.

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