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Transportation and LogisticsSoftware Solutions

We provide logistics and transportation providers the necessary tools to support them in the execution and management of their delivery business.


Our solutions for transportation and solidity.

Innovations in transportation technology are essentially born out of three necessities: efficiency, ease and safety.

Fleet management and telematics

Gather, process, and visualize all data related to vehicle locations, driver behavior, engine diagnostics, and environmental conditions to efficiently manage resources

Traffic management

Analyze traffic instantly, detect road incidents, and monitor pedestrian movements using traffic modeling tools, recognition systems, and traffic data fusion technologies

Routing and mapping

Reinforce various transportation modes, route planning tools, and delivery services with geofencing, GPS tracking, turn-by-turn guidance, and offline mapping

Urban mobility

Create a city experience that elevates people’s needs with convenient parking management, urban planning, multimodal transportation, carsharing, and ride-hailing systems

Asset monitoring and tracking

Implement asset tracking solutions using IoT sensors, GPS, RFID, QR codes, and beacons to monitor, predict, and maintain the visibility of valuable inventory, containers, and shipments

Road infrastructure

Adapt infrastructure to rapidly digitalized transportation services, introducing toll management systems, smart city planning tools, and automated license plate recognition technology

Transportation management

Monitor freight along the supply chain using technology platforms that rely on real-time data to provide end-to-end visibility, optimize the physical movement of goods, and ensure compliance of shipments with regulations


Implement sustainable transportation practices, electrify fleets, build EV-friendly routes, and integrate EV platforms to go green, reduce emissions, and advocate a healthier future

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