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We are at the intersection of Deep Tech and Design. We craft for organisations solid and scalable digital products with great user experiences.

Our vision


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The first thing we do is listen to you, to understand what you want to achieve. Then we work with you to translate your boldest ideas into a complete solution to real-life challenges.

Beinset V. Hounwanou

Our team

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Our objectives boil down to our process

This process is further fuelled by our integrated approach to strategy, design and development, which allows us to help deliver ideas from concept to launch, and beyond.


First, we assess your current development process and define the business objectives you want to achieve with certain technology and then propose a solution and implementation strategy.


Then we craft a simple experimental model of your proposed product so you can check how well it matches what users want through the feedback they give.


As soon as a minimum set of features is achieved, an MVP is released. Then each new feature is released in a fully automated deployment.

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